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The eleven pieces that comprise this CD have achieved such a degree of mastery by their creators, that they dwell on a special corner in the history of occidental music. This corner is particularly special because it garners the love and admiration of performers and academics alike, not to mention the enthusiasm of audiences around the world. Johann Sebastian Bach and Fréderic Chopin are two of few composers that escape the unwanted word in the world of Art of “taste” and the much uttered (and little considered) verb “to like”. These two composers supremely transcend the mediocre world and manage to escape convention into abstraction for millions of people around the world, centuries after their deaths.

In this spirit of tradition, combined with a vision of the future, I have dared to name this CD “Chopin & his Master”. 

Recorded at Sacile, Italia. April 2022. Fazioli Pianoforti.

Sound Engineer: Federico Furlanetto.

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