Chopin Salon in Miami

Chopin Salon in Miami
Martín García García – Pianist

Prepare to embark on a captivating musical journey with one of today’s most sought-after artists, Martín García García. Born in the picturesque town of Gijón, Spain, Martín, at the young age of 26, has already earned significant international acclaim. His remarkable journey in the world of music began with a resounding victory as the first prize winner at the prestigious 2021 Cleveland International Piano Competition, followed by a bronze medal at the 2021 International Chopin Piano Competition.
Experience the enchanting music of Martín García García as he performs Chopin’s timeless compositions at the historic Miami Beach Woman’s Club. After the concert, savor a delightful wine reception and consider the optional post-concert dinner. This unique event promises an unforgettable afternoon of artistry.


Price: $0 – $125

Time: 4:00PM

Miami Beach Woman’s Club

Address: 2401 Pine Tree Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Phone Number: 3058680624

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