California Recital – Steinway Society The Bay Area

California Recital – Steinway Society The Bay Area
Martín García García – Pianist
– Liszt, Sposalizio (from Années de pèlerinage II: Italie, S. 161)
– Liszt, Sonata in B Minor, S. 178
– Schumann, Drei Fantasiestücke, Op. 111
  1. Sehr rasch, mit leidenschaftlichem Vortrag (Very quick, with passionate expression) (C minor)
  2. Ziemlich langsam (Rather slow) (A-flat major)
  3. Kräftig und sehr markiert (Powerful and very marked) (C minor)
Schumann, Symphonic Etudes, Op. 13
  1. Theme: Andante (C-sharp minor)
  2. Variation I (Posthumous) [Andante] (C-sharp minor)
  3. Etude I (Variation 1): Un poco più vivo (C-sharp minor)
  4. Etude II (Variation 2) [Andante] (C-sharp minor)
  5. Etude III: Vivace (E major)
  6. Etude IV (Variation 3) [Allegro marcato] (C-sharp minor)
  7. Etude V (Variation 4): Scherzando (C-sharp minor)
  8. Etude VI (Variation 5): Agitato (C-sharp minor)
  9. Etude VII (Variation 6): Allegro molto (E major)
  10. Etude VIII (Variation 7): Sempre marcatissimo (C-sharp minor)
  11. Etude IX: Presto possibile (C-sharp minor)
  12. Etude X (Variation 8): [Allegro] (C-sharp minor)
  13. Etude XI (Variation 9): [Andante] (G-sharp minor)
  14. Etude XII (Finale): Allegro brillante (D-flat major)


García has won first prize in several national and international competitions. He recently won the Sir Jeffrey Tate 2022 Prize, an award given every two years by the Hamburg Symphony to exceptionally talented young musicians. He won the 2021 Cleveland International Piano Competition, and received third prize at the XVIII International Chopin Piano Competition (and the special award for the Best Performance of a Concert). He was also awarded first place at the 2018 International Keyboard Institute & Festival, held in New York.

For the past two years, García has resided in New York City, where he has been completing his artistic training with the distinguished pianist Jerome Rose.

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