Klavierhaus, NYC

Klavierhaus, NYC
Martín García García – Pianist

This very intimate setting, with the added value of the unique pianos at Klavierhaus NYC, mark these events as one of the most exclusive and interesting in the city of New York. Steinway Pianos from the end of the XVIII Century and beginning of the XIX Century are the “house specialty”, and for a very good reason! These are some of the last ever built pianos in the history of piano making that have the “lyrical sound” that was sought-after by all sorts of Artists and Composers from the turn of the century and all the way back to the beginning of the XVIII century. Klavierhaus dedicates their time to bring back that same sound and atmosphere that was created in the aristocratic salons of all around Europe back then, and these evenings at their Salon at 790 11th Ave in New York City are a good proof of it. This is a unique chance to get immersed into the sound world of almost 150 years ago.

About our special host…

Joseph Patrych will present and lead the intermission with some facts and a Q&A with questions sent from all over the world (on social media), including the live audience. He is a leading Sound Engineer, with recognition all over the United States, and he really needs no introduction among the NYC Piano lovers!


  • J. S. Bach: Keyboard Partita No. 1 BWV 825 in B flat major
  • F. Liszt: Sonata in B minor S. 178


  • F. Liszt: Etude Transcendante No. 1 S. 139, “Prelude
  • F. Liszt: Les Cloches de Geneve” Annees de Pelerinage I, Suisse, S. 160/9
  • F. Liszt: Etude Transcendante No. 2 S. 139 in A minor
  • F. Liszt: “Sposalizio” from Annees de Pelerinage II, Italie, S. 161/1
  • I. Albeniz: “El Albaicin” from the Book III of the Suite Iberia
  • F. Liszt: Etude Transcendante No. 3 S. 139, “Paysage
  • I. Albeniz: “Eritaña” from the Book IV of the Suite Iberia
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