Opening of the 37th Festival Chopin in Paris

Opening of the 37th Festival Chopin in Paris
Martín García García – Pianist

HEAR, HEAR, good and faithful festival-goers, you who are thirsty for music, gardens, fresh air and the scents of summer: No more winter, no more greyness, no more gloom, and no more confinement.

The Chopin Festival invites you to the Orangerie in the Parc de Bagatelle from June 18 to July 14 for its 37th edition  . It will be in line with previous editions. You will find talents of high renown there. You will meet incredible young talents there. You will discover artists with an unusual career path. They will give life to a program designed around Chopin with Beethoven as guest of honour.

The subtlety of a garden with now secular traditions will respond to that of the works of the greatest genius of the piano. The authenticity of both will respond to that which the Société Chopin in Paris has been printing at the Chopin Festival for 37 years.

We invite you to share moments of musical emotion and healing in this setting inhabited by the most beautiful of natures. Find the way to the Chopin Festival at the Orangerie de Bagatelle, good and faithful festival-goers, you will not be disappointed with this rural getaway at the gates of Paris.


In the program



–   Saturday , June 18 , 8:45 p.m.


3rd  Prize of the XVIII International Chopin Competition, Warsaw 2021.

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